Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where’s My Traffic??

Here are the facts:

  • You want business. 
  • You want to get your name and the name of your small business out to the masses. 
  • You paid someone to put a website up for you. 

Are you still waiting for your influx of calls and interested people? Has business been the same or even gone down?

When you tell customers or clients to visit your website, do you often hear, “I didn't know you were online?” Then you’re thinking, “What was the point of paying for a website, if no one even knows I have one?”

At that point, taking down the website and strangling your web designer may cross your mind – and legitimately so.

You have the right to be ticked off if you finally decided to use the number one way that most business advertise, the Internet, and it seems like it does nothing more than put your name in some flashy lights and not much else. You’re probably not to blame. There are reasons why your Internet marketing may not be working in the right way for you.

The 7 reasons why websites fail to generate traffic

1. Web site owners do not target their message to a specific audience.
2. The site’s design does not incorporate meta tags for search engines to use in placement.
3. Each web page’s title does not reflect the individual pages content.
4. Each page does not provide detailed text descriptions.
5. The site is not built with keyword and key phrase search relevancy in mind.
6. Statistics aren’t captured to learn why searchers come to the site.
7. The site is not submitted manually to the top search engines

Is your website designed to fail? If you want your website to work for you, memorize the seven deadly website sins listed above and make sure your website design and marketing strategy is the complete opposite of what is listed. And, yes, you can still strangle your designer for not having thought of these things in the first place.


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