Saturday, December 29, 2012

FREE Resources for Marketing

I wanted to take a moment to share a few resources I have used for years and have found are great for small businesses.

  •  HP Small & Medium Business I love their computers and now I love this website. They offer Business Identity Kits, Newsletter & Brochure templates for FREE!

  • Microsoft Office They offer a lot of small business resources from business templates to stock photos.  This website is great for anyone who uses any Microsoft products for word processing or print designing.  The images available in the clipart section are great for use in any graphic design program.  Did I mention that the resources are FREE!

  • VistaPrint They offer a lot of great printing services.  Anything you need for a small business, professional marketing campaign, and direct mail pieces.  Just do a search online to find some great coupon codes for free shipping and other discounts.  You can find free upgrades to your print items and even receive free custom printing samples.
Share what resources you have found to be great for small businesses.

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