Sunday, December 23, 2012

Advertising Offline? Why?

I am often amazed when I meet a small business owner who has a good client base and they feel they don’t need to advertise much, if at all.  I reason against the logic of  “I get my business through ‘word of mouth’” with one word: Wal-Mart.

Where would this giant retailer be if Sam Walton had decided decades ago to only rely on “word of mouth” advertising?  I can assure you that I wouldn't be referencing the company in this blog.  I receive Wal-Mart print ads on a regular basis.  Whether I need to buy anything at the time, or not, I look through the ad and begin to wonder if I need some new clothes, an mp3 player, or that case of Pepsi that is on sale.  I hang on to the ad until it expires, just in case I change my mind.

The lesson for all of us in business: no matter how loyal our customer base is, we HAVE TO keep advertising OFFLINE!

Are you ready to do a little offline advertising?  Before you design your next marketing campaign consider the following:

  • Clearly identify your market – are you a B2B, or B2C based company? 
  • What income level does your product or service cater to? 
  • What will reel them in – What promotion or product will you feature in your ad?
  • Colors – Research colors, yes, I said it.  Did you know that yellow encourages people to spend money?  Orange is used to draw attention.
  • Mailing Trends – If planning a direct mail campaign, learn what days the most ads are mailed out and avoid those days.  Why spend all the time, money, and research on a great advertising campaign to only have it lost in the pile of glossy mailers.

How do you advertise offline?  What works for you? Share here.

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