Saturday, December 14, 2013

3 Ways Google+ Has Surprised Me

I love social media but I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon of the "next big thing". When Google+ was introduced, needless to say I was skeptical. Over the last few months I've read articles about Google+ and the benefits of using this social network for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I've slowly put more effort into my Google+ profile. Here are the  3 ways that Google+ has surprised me so far.

  1. SEO for Your Brand

    We constantly hear about SEO for your website.  As the Internet changes I am finding that emphasis also needs to be placed not only on SEO for your website, but also on SEO for your entire brand.  If you are utilizing the Internet correctly a potential customer or client should be able to find information about your company throughout the Internet and not just on your website.

    I have found that posting on Google+, using targeted keywords, can increase your brand recognition in Google search organic results.  The results will link to the related post that you shared via your Google+ profile.  The benefit to you is that your name and profile photo are linked to the post.  If what you have shared is interesting enough it could very well prompt the web surfer to want to get to know more about you and the brand you represent.

  2. Easy to Share Content

    I stay up to date on most news, industry related topics, and general Internet trends by means of popular media websites.  Because of the great benefits of SEO for my brand I have found that clicking the "G+" button next to an article allows me to share relevant content with my circles.  I take advantage of the comment box that appears above the actual post information in the Google+ pop up. Using strategic hashtags can help your posts to place well in the organic search results.

  3. Google+ Took Over My Smartphone

    I added my business related Google+ account to my Android Smartphone and was baffled that the contact list on my phone was now "enhanced".  Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from a potential client, one I never added as a contact on my phone list, and my phone had him saved in my contacts.  His listing was complete with his profile picture and other contact information he shared on his Google+ profile.

    When I finished the phone call I scrolled through my "People" app.  I soon realized that most of the people I added in my Google+ circles that have shared their contact details are now nice and cozy in my phone contact list.  It was a definite surprise to go to my contact list and see some of my Google+ circle mates now smiling back at me with their lovely Google+ profile photos.   I'm still trying to decide if I like this or not.
I will continue to post updates and new discoveries that I find while I continue to navigate the world of Google+.

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