Monday, November 25, 2013

How @Target Made My Monday Better

 It was 26°F when I woke up this morning.  Some reading this post would love to see a 26°F morning at the end of November, but for this California girl living in South Carolina it was a brutal morning to have to get out of bed and take the kids to school.

Work went fairly well for a Monday, and then we got the brilliant idea to visit a fast food restaurant where kids eat free....during peak dinner time.  An hour later I had dealt with tears because the 4 year old couldn't go to the playground.  The 9 year old was torn between keeping her book from her kids meal or getting ice cream; so I was happy to be heading home.

While I waited for the kids to finish brushing their teeth I checked my Pinterest account and was overjoyed when I saw the message "Target Pinned to Brunch for Mommy Friends". I was like a nerdy school girl getting asked to go to prom by the most popular guy in school.  Who knew such a simple message could make this Mommy's day.

How I Got Target to Pin to My Board

I can't recall if it was from a Facebook post or a tweet on Twitter that I learned about Target's latest promotion "Best.Party.Ever. with David Stark".  I quickly followed the steps on the board to participate (promotion ends 11/27/2013). After many anxious hours of wondering 1) would Target really follow me on Pinterest? 2) would they really pin to my board? and  3) would they really offer me great party suggestions catered to my tastes? My wait was over.

By Sunday afternoon I received the answer to my first question, and at the end of a frustrating Monday my last 2 questions were answered.  All with a resounding, "YES".  I simply followed the directions, to the letter, that Target gave participants.  Target delivered on their promise to provide "personalized inspiration to help (me) create (my) Best.Party.Ever."

I LOVE the great suggestions Target & David Stark pinned to my board.  While it is still secret, follow me on Pinterest, and soon I will make the board public for everyone to enjoy great party planning inspiration.

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