Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Can a One Page Website Do for You?

I have designed and developed one page websites since the mid '90s.  Those websites usually involved taking a printed flyer and migrating the information from the flyer to a very basic brochure style web page.  Times have changed and so have the type of one page websites that I design for my clients.  They range from full graphic websites such as to basic "flyer" web pages that allow a small business to have an Internet presence, get indexed by search engines, and be found by the 78% of shoppers who use the Internet to research and purchase products and services.* (see an example of a "flyer" one page website at

Why One Page?

  1.  A one page websites can allow your business or organization to have a fast, professional web presence.
  2. One page websites promote your business, organization, and products by providing potential customers and clients with the most relevant information they need to be motivated to contact you.
  3. Are you a start-up company? Home based business? New to promoting your business online?  Your one page website allows you to advertise just like larger companies and it can grow to more pages as your business grows.
  4. Many one page websites can be setup in an easy to use website builder to allow you to maintain the website in-house.
  5. If you have already purchased web hosting, but have yet to publish a website, a one page website can be easily uploaded to your current web host.
  6. One page websites are budget friendly.
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*Statistic used with the permission of


  1. Well it depends. For the most part; one good website can change my life for the best. What I’m trying to say here is that if that one particular page receives a tremendous amount of traffic, then that could mean money (provided it’s a money-making site). Plus, the website will become more popular and it will attract more visitors to drop by and read what your website is all about.

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