Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[SOLVED] WordPress: Remove "Hello World" from Static Home Page Bottom (Personal Portfolio Theme)

I hope to save users of the Personal Portfolio Theme for WordPress the hours of distress I suffered trying to remove the "Hello World" widget that appears on the bottom of your static home page.


  1. Log into your WP Dashboard
  2. Select "Appearance" then "Customize"
  3. Your theme settings will open
  4. Click on "Personal Portfolio Theme Options"
  5. Scroll down and click on "Call to Action"
  6. Click on the box in front of  "Enable this section" to remove the default blue check mark in the check box
  7. Click the blue "Save & Publish" button
  8. Go to your website front end, refresh your browser, and Voila! The section should be gone.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Client Shout Outs (aka A Great Big Thank You) #7

Thank you to our latest client Green Valley Discount Trailers. A family owned and operated business located in Boiling Springs, SC.

I love a client that can appreciate that sometimes simplier is better.  They wanted a website to showcase their main inventory.  We designed the website to include enough information to a prospective customer to motivate them to stop by their physical location or give them a call.  Check out their website at www.greenvalleytrailers.com

  • Basic HTML5 Website
  • Slideshow
  • Google Map Feature

We have partnered with SBS Solutions, LLC for over 7 years providing the design for their consignment software clients' webstores.  One of the latest projects we completed was for Saginaw Street Consignments in  Pontiac, Michigan.

We were able to provide custom graphic design to enhance client provided images.  Take a look through their online shop at https://www.saginawstreetconsignments.com

Thank you to Saginaw Street Consignments and SBS Solutions, LLC.

  • Template Based Ecommerce Content Managment System
  • Custom Layout Design
  • Content Managment Sytem & POS provided by SBS Solutions, LLC

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Creating Custom T-Shirts is Easy with CustomInk

***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Creating Custom T-Shirts is Easy with CustomInk

  • Family Reunions
  • Day Camps
  • Fun Runs
  • Kickball Tournaments… the list goes on for all the fun summer events that call for a special shirt to unite the crowd and commemorate the moment. 
CustomInk is an online custom t-shirt service that offers a hassle-free design and order process, helpful customer service and free shipping! For all of the reasons you can think of to create a t-shirt, their design lab has fonts and artwork ready to inspire your ideas.

Watch their commercial below to help you get to know more about CustomInk and how they can help you outfit your next event.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Client Shout Outs (aka A Great Big Thank You) #6

Our latest client shout out goes to The Upstate Network. It's a great networking group getting it's start in the Upstate of South Carolina.  We created a WordPress based website that allows their staff to maintain the website. So, if you are a business owner, sales rep, or marketing manager looking for a low cost-high reward method of finding leads why not check out The Upstate Network's website?


  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Business Directory
  • Events Calendar

Friday, July 11, 2014

[SOLVED] Joomla "Call to undefined function wincache" error

I spent more time looking for this solution than it took to implement.  If you're running Joomla on a Windows server setting the Cache settings so that the site works properly can be tricky.  If you ever get a "wincache" error that looks something like this: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wincache_ucache_info() in .../libraries/joomla/cache/storage/wincache.php on line 150 the fix is quick and easy.

I found the answer here, but the forum discussion is so long and bloated with non-essentials I wanted get to the point of how to solve the issue.


Via Joomla Admin:

  1. Backup your database (and files) before making any changes to your Joomla site
  2. In "Global Configurations" in your Joomla admin go to "Server Settings"
  3. On the right of the server configuration page you will see "Cache Settings"
  4. Change your "Cache Handler" to "file"
  5. Save your settings

Via FTP or Hosts Cpanel:
  1. Backup your configuration.php file
  2. Next open your configuration.php file in a text editor
  3. Find the line:  public $cache_handler = ‘wincache’
  4. Change it to: public $cache_handler = ‘file’;
VoilĂ !  Problem solved.
(thanks to JoomSavvy)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Client Shout Outs (aka A Great Big Thank You) #5

We have been very busy. Yay!  I had to take a moment to do more "Shout Outs" to some of our latest clients.

  1. Absolute Disaster Services: They offer complete indoor & outdoor restoration and disaster recovery services for residential and commercial properties. They came to us when they lost contact with their previous web development company.  We assisted in getting both of their company websites (www.AbsoluteDisasterServices.com and www.MoldSolutions.net) live again.  We now assist them with their Social Media Marketing.

    Check out their Social Media Profiles:

      Facebook    LinkedIn       Twitter      Google+     Pinterest

  2. BIG 6, LLP: This company offers a phenomenal solution that provides personnel protection against Active Shooters and Tornado events for both schools and industry.  We received an emergency phone call that their computer crashed and the site their marketing coordinator was developing had to be finished ASAP.  Our great designers stepped in and helped them finish developing the website and added a few more design elements. 
    Check out their website at http://www.big6llp.com

    Key Features: 
    Customized WordPress Template
    Converted PowerPoint presentation to a slide show
    Embedded YouTube videos

  3. CNM Auto Sales: A family owned and operated used car dealership in Inman, South Carolina.  The owner started creating a website using their hosting company's web builder.  She contacted us to help finish the website.  I'm not a fan of most host provided web builders, but we took on the challenge. We were able to complete the website, using the site builder, and link the website to their Facebook page and Google Maps.
    Visit their website at http://www.cnmautosales.com

    Key Features: 
    Customized Charter Hosting Template
    Link to Facebook Page
    Links to Specific Facebook Photo Albums

  4. Carolina Plastic Surgery: They have been a maintenance client of ours since 2008 and decided it was time for a new look.  We developed their new website in Joomla to feature the many videos available about their services.
    Learn more at: http://www.drlettieri.com

    Key Features: 
    Slide Show
    Customized Joomla Template
    YouTube Integration
    Photo Galleries

  5. Ellis Repair Service: I love working with small businesses who have served their communities for years.  Eliis Repair service in Spartanburg, South Carolina had a concept for their website and already knew they wanted to use a popular web builder service to develop the site.  They hired us to help complete the overall look and layout of their website using the provided template from the web builder company. 
    See their great look at http://www.ellisrepairservicelocksmith.com

    Key Features: 
    Customized Wix Template

  6. Haute Interiors, LLC: A high-end design firm located in Western North Carolina. They hired us to take their existing, template based, static HTML website and convert it to a WordPress based site.  We enjoyed every moment of developing this website.

    Take a look at http://www.hauteinteriorsllc.com/

    Key Features:
    Slide Show
    Photo Gallery
    WooCommerce Store (under development)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bullets Missing in Unordered List in WordPress Widget or Sidebar

If you're reading this blog post there is a good chance you have added an unordered list to your WordPress widget and the bullets do not show on the front end of the website.  You've checked your HTML code and it's the perfect syntax for a basic bullet list of items.  For example:

<li>Item 1</li>
<li>Item 2</li>

I tried many different CSS hacks suggested in the WordPress forums, but finally tried a suggestion listed here.

There's no need to visit the above link. 

The answer is simple.

In your widget remove the <ul> & </ul> tags.  Leave the <li></li> tags. Save your widget.  Go to the front end of your website, refresh the browser window, and, viola!  you should have a bullet list in your widget.

Hope this can save a few people some time and frustration.