Friday, July 11, 2014

[SOLVED] Joomla "Call to undefined function wincache" error

I spent more time looking for this solution than it took to implement.  If you're running Joomla on a Windows server setting the Cache settings so that the site works properly can be tricky.  If you ever get a "wincache" error that looks something like this: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wincache_ucache_info() in .../libraries/joomla/cache/storage/wincache.php on line 150 the fix is quick and easy.

I found the answer here, but the forum discussion is so long and bloated with non-essentials I wanted get to the point of how to solve the issue.


Via Joomla Admin:

  1. Backup your database (and files) before making any changes to your Joomla site
  2. In "Global Configurations" in your Joomla admin go to "Server Settings"
  3. On the right of the server configuration page you will see "Cache Settings"
  4. Change your "Cache Handler" to "file"
  5. Save your settings

Via FTP or Hosts Cpanel:
  1. Backup your configuration.php file
  2. Next open your configuration.php file in a text editor
  3. Find the line:  public $cache_handler = ‘wincache’
  4. Change it to: public $cache_handler = ‘file’;
VoilĂ !  Problem solved.
(thanks to JoomSavvy)

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