Thursday, May 30, 2013

Client Shout Outs (aka A Great Big Thank You)

I decided to take a moment to start a post that I hope to do more often, give a quick thank you to new clients.

E & W Cleaning Services, LLC ( )

Thank you to a great new member of the JMB Designs family . We provided logo and web design services to E & W Cleaning Services, LLC.  It's a family owned, small business who needed a basic web presence to support their new business.

Motorcycle Awareness Day ( )

Thank you to Mr. Lloyd who hired us to help create a one page website to help promote motorcycle safety in honor of his friends Jeremy Phillips and Danielle Hazelrigg . Learn more and support his cause by visiting his website.

Does your business need a one page website? Why one page? New or small businesses need a website presence in order to be found by potential customers.  Those same businesses may have budget restrictions because they are start-ups.  Our One Page Websites fill that need.  Visit

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Office Versus Workspace

Work from home? Find ways to love your workspace.
A few months ago I realized something very special.  I sat at my kitchen table looking out at the tall Pine trees and young Oak trees in the backyard, admiring how the sun filters through the fresh green leaves.  I had my laptop in front of me, steaming cup of dark roast coffee with hazelnut creamer on the left, and smartphone on the right.  I was ready to start my work day.  This is not going to be a blog entry about how wonderful I think it is to be able to work from home.  Instead it’s going to be a blog entry about how to enjoy working from home.

I have a home office.  The traditional desk, desktop PC, all in one multifunction printer, file cabinets, and office supplies.  You know, the same equipment that someone who works in a traditional office is surrounded by, expect it takes up part of my daily living space.  My home office is in a room with one window, a not-so-great view, and not much else that is inspiring.  When you are in an industry that relies on creativity this type of home office doesn’t always help the creative juices flow.  The beach scene on the mouse pad and inspirational quotes hanging around the PC monitor help, but it’s not the same.

The “something very special” I realized a few months ago is that I can have a home office in one location in my home, but I can have my workspace anywhere.

I do not have the luxury of going to work at the beach, or even a local coffee shop.  I do have the luxury of having a great home network.  This allows me to work anywhere in my home and, within range, outside of my home.

So I now have a traveling workspace.  Whether it’s the kitchen table, living room couch, garage, backyard, or even the front seat of the SUV (yes, some days that is the only quiet place to be); I have learned to love my workspace.

Your Home Network

If you want to try out a workspace in your home away from the home office, but you want to avoid the constant up and down of having to get up and retrieve items and information from your main work area then network your home electronics.  I have my laptop networked so that I can access my PC and external drives at my main desk.  I can work with files and print paperwork from whatever workspace I am in at the moment.

Google Drive

I have been using Google Drive before it was ever called Google Drive.  I can create documents, spreadsheets, etc. on one device (i.e. my laptop) and instantly they are in the cloud to be accessed by my other devices (PC, or Android smartphone).  My reach is extended because I can also share those documents with anyone who uses Google Drive.  As a result, collaboration and productivity is increased beyond my workspace.

If you’re like me and love what you do, why not love the space you do it in.  Working from home doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a desk in your home office.  If another area in, or outside, your home inspires you and makes you more productive, make that your new workspace.